Welcome to the official website of fantasy author, N. R. Eccles-Smith! Here you will discover the world of Valadae, a fantastical land of eleven conjoined kingdoms, and primary setting for the fantasy series, Dragon Calling.

Also, I am now officially over on PATREON. If exclusive content, fun chat times, and rewards are something you dig, head on over and check out my page. Even better … become a Dragon-Seeker Patron!

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Plus, you can click and see if I am currently open to art commissions.

Art Commission Whim

I have a special dedication page, for those who pledged toward the creation of the special Limited Edition Laeka’Draeon dragon plushie!

dragon plushie champions


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The first, second, and third books in the series, KIN SEEKER, THE BEACON THRONES, DUAL DESTINY, and THE SWORD OF STARS, are now available both in paperback and eBook editions at numerous leading retailers! Additionally, the KIN SEEKER COMPANION GUIDE and THE BEACON THRONES COMPANION GUIDE are also available in paperback.

The third and fourth Companion Guides are currently in the early stages of development, with a yet-to-be-set release date. And, the fifth and final book in the series is currently a WIP (Work-in-Progress).

The Dragon Calling Shop has been updated. Nothing fancy, but if you’d like to purchase books and merchandise direct from the author/ artist, then check out the store below!


A Dragon Calling Wiki is also in progress. There are currently pages on the books, the main characters, some of the creature-kinds and some of the settings. More will be added regularly, so stay tuned! Also feel free to make any requests or suggestions.

Dragon Calling Wiki Logo large

You also have the wonderful opportunity to explore other areas of creativity and literary ponderings in the form of illustrations, maps, blogs, poems and short stories, so don’t hold back from satiating your curiosity – explore, click, read, zoom, and scroll away! You will find many interesting things in this place, and updates are regularly made, so be sure to return along the adventurous path, and see where it ends up taking you…

As my Chronicler, Redwick Ravenwings, would say:

“Read and be enriched my fellow adventurers!”

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