Fulon Star Signs

There are 13 fulons in a Valadilian cycle, in conjunction with the 13 major constellations of the Valadilian Ecliptic.

The study of the stars, both as a natural science and a spiritual art, is something practiced by various cultures in Valadae. For the most part, both methods are integrated together, deriving knowledge and information from both physical reasoning and creed. Anyone who studies the skies is called a Star-Speaker.

Below is the primary constellation signs, and the attributes of the energies and elements associated with them. I’ve also made a conversion of our world’s calendar into that of Valadae’s. You will now be able to see which constellation you would have been born under, had you been a Valadilian!


Prenel – The Birth of Awakening
Direction: East
Element: Water
Colours: Pink, White, Green
Fulons: Orpius, Fola, Plaitos, Boem

OrpiusOrpius, the Awakener (3rd Feb – 2nd Mar)
Creative, stimulated, flexible, kind.
High-strung, fearful, impressionable.


FolaFola, the Delighter (3rd Mar – 30th Mar)
Likable, compassionate, sincere, and encouraging.
Submissive, pitiful, evasive.


PlaitosPlaitos, the Learner (31st Mar – 27th Apr)
Smart, fanciful, friendly, and knowledgeable.
Greedy, mistrusting, obsessive.


BoemBoem, the Befriended (28th Apr – 25th May)
Faithful, sociable, pious, and reliable.
Insecure, nervous, emotional.



Bahenen – The Heat of Motion
Direction: North
Element: Earth
Colours: Teal, Red, Yellow
Fulons: Trigganer, Brai, Villus

TrigganerTrigganer, the Harvester (26th May – 22nd Jun)
Steadfast, authoritive, charismatic, and energetic.
Insensitive, egotistic, harsh.


BraiBrai, the Wild (23rd Jun – 20th Jul)
Blithe, courageous, optimistic, and strong.
Selfish, tactless, disorganized.


VillusVillus, the Protector (21st Jul – 17th Aug)
Loyal, patient, protective, and tenacious.
Intense, brooding, severe.



Usel – The Quietude of Learning
Direction: West
Element: Fire
Colours: Orange, Brown, Purple
Fulons: Theur, Krayton, Celsi

TheurTheur, the Enchanted (18th Aug – 14th Sep)
Humorous, intelligent, curious and energetic.
Fickle, absentminded, careless.


KraytonKrayton, the Listener (15th Sep – 12th Oct)
Resourceful, observant, trusting, and pragmatic.
Resentful, trite, stubborn.


CelsiCelsi, the Dancer (13th Oct – 9th Nov)
Witty, independent, free-spirited, adventurous.
Fickle, sensual, impatient.



Ishtholi – The Chill of Slumber
Direction: South
Element: Air
Colours: Blue, Black, Grey
Fulons: Sorpenteir, Naphamer, Meloss

SorpentierSorpenteir, the Charmer (10th Nov – 7th Dec)
Clever, generous, intuitive, and perceptive.
Jealous, spiteful, reclusive.


NaphamerNaphamer, the Hunter (8th Dec – 4th Jan)
Quick-witted, ambitious, passionate, and competitive.
Moody, self-possessed, forceful.


MellosMeloss, the Silent (5th Jan – 2nd Feb)
Intelligent, honest, cheerful, and sensitive.
Temperamental, doleful, mistrustful.




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