Encyclopaedia of Valadae

Through the written narration of  a tale, as followed alongside a particular character, there is only so much of a world that is seen, and it is usually but a glimpse of what actually is … or what could be.

A picture can only display the emotions and imagery able to fit upon its surface. Sealed inside a frame, its linear portrayal serves the right purpose in the telling of its own unique story, and yet it still leaves the curious viewer to wonder what might have lay beyond the cropped edges. Like a window, or a single glance, there is always more to be discovered beyond what is first shown.

That is why all stories go far beyond their pages. Things that are seen and felt and learned by the characters whose lives we follow like curious shadows, are simply select trails trodden beneath the spanning boughs of a vast and wonderous woodland.

There is a surprising amount of curiosities to be discovered if one steps off the guided paths.

For now, the guided paths of the Dragon Calling story are yet to be unlocked for interested adventurers to tread. In the mean time, this encyclopaedia is dedicated to revealing additional details and appetizers of information from the world of Valadae, to satisfy at least a small part of the curiosity hunger pangs of any intrigued wanderers investigating this site.






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