author bio pic 2018Naomi confesses that the best word to describe her is: whimsical. Forget about “the girl next door” and think more along the lines of “the girl from the next galaxy over” and you’d be closer to the correct personality categorization. She is an unequivocal day-dreamer, anime enthusiast, partisan of fantastical things, and unshakable devotee to story-telling.

When not immersed in her written and illustrative projects, Naomi can be found wandering the worlds created by others, either between the pages of a book or across the sweeping digital scapes of console games. Part geek, part monster-slayer, with a heart for the pure and the wondrous, Naomi endeavours to remind us that a little bit of beautiful strangeness is a good thing to have in this crazy world.

Currently, she lives on the Gold Coast, Australia, with an assortment of cats and family members.


For the love of Fantasy –

It’s pretty obvious to all those who know me that my soft spot in all creative genres is fantasy. While I also enjoy stories that have sci-fi, thriller, paranormal or dystopian elements, fantasy is my all-time favourite.

Even so, I consider myself to have quite a board taste when it comes to the genres and styles of art, music and media. My Favourite Things page is a testament to the variety I enjoy.

To learn a little about the journey I have taken up to this point, check out my Memoir page.

Oh! And feel free to follow me on any of the following social media sites. 🙂






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